Ok, this is weird. Knowing what it’s like to have a blog with over 300 followers, posting every day, sometimes twice a day, getting a lot of comments, working together with companies and getting free stuff and feeling very confident about it; this is totally different.

It’s a new beginning, it’s personal and it’s in English even though I’m Dutch. Why? I decided it would be nice to share this with my best friend. Even though she’s on the other side of the world, we’re always there for each other and we have the same things going on in our lives. We understand each other and try to make each other feel a bit better when we can.

So, what’s wrong with us? We’re chronically ill.

Chronic illness isn’t something a lot of people understand. It’s hard and frustrating, every single day. I know a lot of people have a chronic illness and I hope that this blog might help them a little bit.

I know how hard it is to make friends and keep them, and  you can feel alone when no one seems to understand what you’re going through.

If you want to know a little bit more about us, read About Us and follow this blog for more information in the future.


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