Calm Colouring

colouring book
Yesterday I bought an adult colouring in book. It is a neat A5 sized one I cantake anywhere. Colouring is something I’ve been making use of to relax for quite a while. Now it is on trend not just in the spoonie world but for all adults.

It is said one can reach a zen like state when colouring. If you have stress or time on your hands I’d say give it a go you don’t need anything special. Use some pencils crayons or markers and print off some of the many pages from legal and free colouring sites. For example, Print
Colouring stuff
Having said that I bought my book and I am very pleased
inside page
As you can see there are little quotes to help you find your calm and then a page to colour. Out of all my adult and children colouring in books and yes I have a few I’d have to say this one is my favourite. As I said adult colouring in and it’s benefits are nothing new to me so you can expect more on this great trend from me on the blog as I share my great finds and review materials.

What is something you to to find your calm place?


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