What if your health is worse than ever, due to your neighbours?

When you’re ill you need more ‘me’ time than anyone else, just to feel a bit better.
For me that is silence, resting, even sleeping. I don’t like to do this during the day but I do have migraines every month so then I have to. If I don’t I will feel bad for 2+ weeks instead of just one.
At night I like to go to bed at 10 and wake up at 8, I don’t fall asleep very fast and I wake up to go to the bathroom once or twice every night so in the end I will get 7-8 hours sleep total. This is fine normally.

If I can do all these things, do what I need to do when my body asks for it, I can do a lot more in a day, so it’s very important, but what if you can’t?
What if something prevents you from doing what’s right for your body that’s out of your control?

I’ve been dealing with this for several years now. We live in an appartment, which is noisy, ofcourse, but our new neighbours are incredibly selfish. It doesn’t matter if you go and talk to them, how nice and understanding you are, all they can tell you is ‘we have no parties, no music’, yeah great, but I still wake up every morning at 5 and can’t go to bed before 1 in the morning, so be quiet please! Nope. It doesn’t matter.
I finally called the police, at first to ask if I was right, that what I was dealing with isn’t normal, and it isn’t. He then talked to them, telling them that if they kept making so much noise, they would be removed from their home. He told me that they were shocked, so ofcourse I thought it would stop. Nope.

Now they have family over, which means 2 people + at least 5 family members, one of which is a 2 year old kid. I know you can’t tie a kid to a chair, but there is a thing called ‘keeping him busy’, giving him toys or some paint or anything to keep him quiet? Yeah they gave him something alright, one of those walking cars and a ball. The one even noisier than the other. The ball sounds like a bowling ball coming through our ceiling and the car gives so much noise I can’t even talk on the phone anymore. If he’s not using either of them he is running around. From 8 in the morning until 10 at night, non stop.
They told us and the police they would be here for 2 weeks. Guess what, this is week 3 already.
So on top of only being able to sleep when everyone upstairs is sleeping I now can’t even get my rest during the day and I feel worse every day.
nullWhat do you do? I keep contacting the police, I keep contacting everyone that might be able to help, but it’s all long term, nothing stops the noise right now. It’s not only frustrating but I know how hard it is for me to feel the way I felt before this all started.
It takes months or even years, so it really makes me angry and I want to cry all the time because I feel like I’m living in a nightmare. Earplugs at night would be a great option for some, but I get headaches from anything on my head, headbands, scarfs, glasses, anything and earplugs definitely aren’t going to help, besides I like to hear things that DO matter and it’s absurd anyway that you have to wear earplugs in your own home.

I will be going away for a bit next week, but I hoped I’d feel great and I would be able to do some stuff, but I feel like it’s going to be me crashing at my mom’s house and sleeping a lot, it’s a shame.

The only option I see now is move somewhere else, even though you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into and I don’t really want to, not like this.

I did get some proof, make sure your volume isn’t very low because then it will sounds like it’s nothing, ofcourse, it’s really loud and if it’s not loud at all, it’s because your volume isn’t high enough. 😉 My mom thought it sounded like someone loading a gun and my dad said it sounded like a kid playing with wooden cubes. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s a kid running around and my lamp rattling because it’s so loud. The whole room is shaking when it happens. The camera did a perfect job catching the noise exactly the way I hear it and I sent it as proof, so in the end, there will be a solution, but it doesn’t change anything right now, sadly.
Don’t mind the video, it’s about the noise. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. I mean, it’s only been 2+ weeks, lol.

I hope they will come up with a solution soon, maybe give them a fine every day, then they’ll probably try to keep it under control, lol.

Have you ever been through something like this? Something that was making you feel worse but was out of your control?


5 thoughts on “What if your health is worse than ever, due to your neighbours?

  1. OMG I FEEL YOU!!! 😦 And I am not ill, so I can only imagine how horrible it must be to deal with ridiculously noisy neighbors when you are not well, ugh. We’ve had new neighbors since May now and oh…my…GOD! They are SO loud. It’s like all they ever do is party the night away – at home of course, so we can all enjoy the party with them through the walls – sleep until noon and then start all over again. Weekdays, weekends, they are constantly at it. And when they don’t have people over and aren’t partying the TV is constantly blaring and we can hear pretty much every word they’re saying – whether they’re fighting or laughing like a bunch of teenage hyenas – and they only seem to have one volume setting for all of this: MAX. Honestly, I am at my wits end. There’s only so much you can do. In the end they have all the power. And it sucks.

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    1. The police told me to go to the town’s website and either call them or fill in a form to keep a diary of all the noise, every single time. Depending on them renting or buying the house, they can be removed, if they don’t listen to you or the warnings they are given. So yeah that’s what I am doing now, and you can do the same if you want to because it sounds horrible as well.
      Maybe even use one of those sound meters you can download for you phone, it really helps to keep track of the noise and that way you can prove it’s too loud if you don’t want to call the police to come over right away.
      So yeah, I keep contacting the town mainly, with proof if I have it, and hopefully at some point then will either stop or be removed but it doesn’t change much right now. It’s exhausting to live someone else’s life, because that’s what it feels like sometimes. 😛


  2. I certainly feel you. We had upstairs neighbours with three kids full of enthousiasm and energy, and after a while I got used to it – but knowing that they tried to keep those kids in check, and knowing the kids themselves (with their happy, bouncing faces haha) certainly helped. Just as being able (since it are permanent neighbour kids, not ‘just a kid visiting’) to give them things like crayons, books and all too, or asking if they need help sometimes taking the kids out. Being ill and having kids living upstairs temporarily just … doesn’t help at all.

    Those neighbours moved, so we hoped for a little rest, but nah … It was silent for about two months, and last week wife and kids moved in as well. Ohe of those seems to be running around in shoes or clogs or something (the previous kids at least always walked barefoot or on socks), and it’s crying and yelling day and night. Part of me pities the kid, for since they are refugees I cannot imagine what causes it to be this scared, but part of me just wants to sleep. Still, I have the reserves to get used to these noises again. Not having these must be horrid. I also want to go there again at some point, to get to know wife and kids as well, but I don’t want to do it when the kids are so loud.

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    1. Yeah I tried to contact them and wanted to get to know them or even visit or invite them over for coffee but they don’t seem to want that, maybe because they don’t understand Dutch and their English isn’t very great either, I don’t know. It would be great if we had contact like I have with all my other neighbours so I could visit or even bring the kid a toy and telling them about the noise so I thought this (a colouring book or something) might help, or something. They just don’t want to hear it, at all, and yeah, knowing they care and even try to understand might at least help with the frustration a little bit, so it really makes me sad. I’m still waiting for feedback from our homeowner association but it looks like they are on holiday as well. I sometimes envy people who live in a detached house. 😛


  3. Dag Amber,

    Ik las je verhaal over de overlast die je van je buren hebt. Ik ben journalist bij Zembla, een programma van de Vara. Momenteel maken wij een programma over dit soort overlast van de buren en wat er aan te doen is (en wat niet).
    Kan ik met je in contact komen? Misschien wil je je verhaal wel bij ons doen? Mijn mailadres: dirk.mostert@bnnvara.nl

    Dirk Mostert


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