Knitting is the new yoga

When I tell people I like to knit, the more beads I need, the better, they always wonder how I do it.
They don’t have the patience to do it and they don’t understand I have.
Well, maybe that’s because I am ill, I have all the time in the world to be honest, but in the end I just like spending time on creating something that it worth something. The feeling you have when you finish something is great, it doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing really, but for me it’s knitting.
I knit everyhting; socks, scarfs, hats, I am even trying to figure out how to knit sweaters, but I hate measuring and figuring out my gauge so that’s why I haven’t finished a sweater so far, I know I can though. 😛

My mom taught me how to knit when I was a lot younger. It didn’t work. I am left-handed and that’s how she tried to teach me but for some reason, I can’t knit that way. Knitting like a right-handed person works way better for me. Now I wonder that might be the reason that I can’t crochet. Why am I left-handed again?

When I wanted to try again after several years I said I wanted to learn the way she did it, like every right-handed person. It was very easy and I couldn’t believe I thought it was too hard before. I started knitting scarfs, and more scarfs, and more… and then more scarfs with beads and lace.. and then socks. They say when you can knit socks, you can knit everything, and I guess that’s true. 🙂
I don’t know why I love scarfs so much, I think it’s because there are so many patterns out there, with the most beautiful beads in it and I just LOVE it.

I love to knit a few things at a time. A pretty difficult lace pattern and something easy, so depending on my mood or how I feel I can pick whatever I want. Ofcourse I have a lot more projects, it’s just hard to stick with two when you have pretty yarn and many ideas. 😉

Yes this is the same pattern as the one above. I just love it so much I used it twice, and I probably will again in the future.

Knitting calms me down, so it’s great when I have a lot of anxiety. I should stick with something easy though because if I try to knit lace and I make a mistake it will make it worse. 😛

Knitting is very healthy apparently.
It’s calming, it reduces stress, it improves concentration and it can even lower the risk of dementia. Wow. I guess I can recommend it to everyone.
It’s not that hard to learn and there are so many video’s on youtube from the basic steps to adding beads, you can even find how to fix a dropped stitch and other mistakes.

I also dye my own yarn. I love it. If anyone wants to know how I do that I can make a tutorial at some point. It’s too bad I lost the yarn I still wanted to dye, it’s probably somewhere but I have no idea where to look anymore. I will have more in the future though, because choosing your own yarn and beads for a pattern is excited, but dyeing your own yarn is the most awesome thing in the world!

I dyed this yarn with 2 green dyes and to make the bottom part I added a bit of purple to make it really dark. I love how it turned out!
This must be my favourite one so far. It turned out so pretty. Yes, it has sparkles as well. I called it my Galaxy yarn. 🙂

Would you like to see more knitting posts in the future? What are your hobbies?


5 thoughts on “Knitting is the new yoga

  1. My brother is a lefty, but in sports, he’s a righty. 🙂

    My favorite hobby is baking! I love making a good cake with frosting and filling made from scratch. I’m still working on the basics of figuring out how certain recipes behave in the oven and then there’s actually decorating. But everything tastes good, and I figure that’s what matters.

    And yes, more knitting posts!

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  2. I’m a complete and utter lefty (and yes, I can crochet), but I knit righthanded as well. My Granny from mom’s side decided she just wanted to try to teach me, and I picked it up quite fast. Nowadays I’m a better knitter than my cousin from dad’s side, who was taught by my other granny, who is a better knitter – and refused to teach me, because I’m a lefty =( As a six-year-old I didn’t understand why cousin could learn how to knit, and I couldn’t. How lucky I was for having the other granny, a year later I was able to knit anyway =D

    The green scarf at the end is so pretty … I’ve not yet found a pattern for the lace at the end yet, and I love it – but I love the colours as well. Earlier this year I knitted a scarf like it (well, without lace) in just grey acrylics from the Zeeman. It turned out to be my favourite scarf: it is so soft, and warm, and yayyy!

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    1. That’s so cool! It’s sad that people won’t even try to teach a lefty, but glad that your other granny did! 😀 Are you on Ravelry? If not, you should check it out. I got all my patterns from there and most of them for free. 🙂 I like it just to keep track of my own projects and see what others did for inspiration. Zeeman has great yarn and so cheap!


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