What I ate this week

Ok, so I want to make this something that I do every week. Not only you but maybe in the end it will help me be more aware of what I eat. I don’t know if I will take pictures of everything in the end or just dinner but for now I only have a few pictures anyway. I forget to take a picture and remember I had to when I’m almost done, no one wants to see that. 😛

This was my breakfast one day. I normally don’t eat like this because I feel faint very fast and for some reason the healthier I try to eat in the morning, the worse it gets. But I do love it!

I already shared this one in my Q&A post. I love couscous with feta, cinnamon and raisins. Everything else depends on what I have.

I also made pizza with the mushrooms I had left and some pineapple.

The next day I had salad with homemade tzatziki, baked potatoes and vegetarian meatballs.

Apparently I wasn’t sick of Italian food yet so I made myself some vegetarian lasagna with mushrooms and vegetarian minced meat.

I made normal lasagna for my boyfriend 2 days later. I asked him to get some cheese and he came back with 3 bags. I couldn’t help myself and I used my zucchini as a pizza, put some tomato paste on it with cheese. Yeah. I feel like I’ve had enough cheese for a very long time. 😛

I normally don’t eat this much cheese, I swear. 😛 Next weeks post is already missing today’s dinner because I forgot to take a picture, ofcourse. I will learn to take pictures every day. 🙂

What did you eat this week?


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