Paper, folding and origami globes.

I really like origami. There is something about the sequence of folds that has a undeniable logic and flow. I love the feel of a fresh packet of crisp paper just waiting to be folded and the satisfaction of creating a firm crease in the paper you know will create something beautiful.

I started out with paper cranes for a family member. I was determined to fold 1,000 but I think I actually got to 600 and then they got better which was a relief. I was starting to dream the folding sequence for a paper crane, I still know it by memory today.

Then I moved onto flowers and made some beautiful bouquets and posies. The hardest flower I ever folded was the kawasaki rose. Some say once you get the hang of it then it will come naturally but it never did for me. What I find amazing is that with one single square sheet of paper you make a 3D rose without cutting or gluing, the paper is not changed in any way besides folding. So look on my attempt kindly when you google it and find out what it is supposed to look like.

origami rose

These days I really like to create modular origami which is one item made up from many small folds of paper then folded together without any glue to create a bigger item. I guess it appeals because of my geeky side. A lot of modular origami have geometric formulas associated with them. A little while ago I made ‘The Sonobe’ as an ‘Icosahedron’. Which is a really fancy way of saying a geometric shape with 20 faces or in the case of this model it used 30 identical units all folded together into one big globe. The end result was very colourful and if you look long enough you might see a star shape coming out of the coloured units.

sonobe globe


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