Being a vegetarian must be the reason why I’m so tired

I’m sure a lot of people with a chronic illness have experienced this; people trying to play your doctor.

I’m sure they mean well but it’s frustrating. Not just for you, having to explain that you tried all of that and/or that’s not the reason or it doesn’t work, but it can result in them thinking you are just making up excuses.

For me being a vegetarian for 8 years is obviously the reason I’m so tired and can’t work, right? 
They tell me that I probably don’t eat enough protein and I have anemia. Did I check that? It MUST be the reason.

  1. I was ill before I became a vegetarian.
  2. My blood is just fine, thank you.

So, ‘doctor’, anything else?

I tried different things over the years, trying to avoid sugar, caffeine, dairy, eating meat, not eating meat, only eating fish, skipping all of it. In the end, it didn’t matter. I was tired anyway.
Not eating meat does make me feel better in other ways, I have a hard time digesting it, but it hasn’t changed my energy levels.
Taking iron supplements, magnesium and all that jazz, does nothing as well.
Believe me, I’ve been ill for 11 years and you can’t tell me anything that I haven’t tried yet.

In the end you have a conversations in which they come up with 10 different things they think you should try and you telling them ‘no’ every time. They get pissed off and say you won’t even try.
At least, this is what I’m used to.
So, now we know, being ill is my own fault and if I just tried a little bit harder, would work out and eat meat, I would be healthy again! 😀

Just kidding ofcourse.

I wonder how other people deal with this and if there’s anything you say that will help in these situations. I don’t like it when I feel like I’m making up excuses even though I know I’m not. I just want them to stop trying to cure me.


One thought on “Being a vegetarian must be the reason why I’m so tired

  1. I can understand your frustration. It must get annoying if people don’t really understand what you’re going through.

    Although on the bright side: they do seem to mean well. They obviously want to make your life better. So their intentions are good.


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