What have I been up to?

I know it’s been quiet but I guess that’s what can happen when you’re ill and you have a blog. Especially since May is back in the hospital now. I’m not sure how/what is going on, I just know she’s not doing well.
I am not doing great either. I have TMJ problems because no matter how fun colouring is, I tend to clench my jaw when I am concentrating.. soo in the end I feel worse and not relaxed at all. 😛
I did finish another one though, now I’m taking a break, to make sure my jaw pain is gone completely because it’s exhausting.

I was at my moms like I told you, for her birthday and since my stepmom’s birthday was 4 days later I visited her as well. I also when to thrift stores to try and find some clothes for the wedding and some jeans because I don’t fit in mine anymore. I failed though and had to go to a normal store for jeans. I bought 2 jeans, exactly the same but it was a 2 for €40,- sale and I figured I could dye one of them. I haven’t yet though, I first need to decide what colour I want to use. 🙂
I wish I could’ve chosen another pair but all of them where skinny jeans, and I don’t know if it’s me, but no matter what, I can’t get them past my knees. I have to get 3 sizes bigger than my actual size and ofcourse then the upper part of the jeans won’t fit. I’m so glad that skinny jeans hype is gone now and the big hippie pants are fashionable now, lol!

I also got some shoes for the wedding but nothing to wear. I was planning on wearing something of my moms but I don’t know, I decided to look around on the internet anyway and today I saw this green loose dress at H&M, I didn’t like that it was too loose and it was missing something, so I bought a black satin scarf as well and I can wear that as a belt. I think it will look great with my black heels. 🙂 I hope so, if not, I can always wear my moms skirt and top. 🙂

My mom made this amazing bolero when I was there. I love it. This way I can wear all my tops even when it’s not 30°C outside.

When I came back the pigeons I’ve been feeding for the past few weeks were waiting for me. I figured it was a bit too much and people would start to complain so I am not feeding them anymore at the moment. It was so much fun though. 😛

Back at home I decided to do some more colouring, not realizing yet that the jaw pain what caused by that, but it wasn’t as much fun since the pencil sharpener I bought wasn’t doing a very good job. The pencils broke every time! I then decided to use the one I use for my eyebrow pencil, but the damage was done, most pencils were already so small I could hardly sharpen them anymore. 😦

Once I decided that the colouring wasn’t a good idea I decided knitting might be better. Still not good, but I have to do something right?
I finished this scarf, I love it. I sent it to my mom today as a surprise, with some gorgeous beads (she uses them for knitting as well and she’s into making jewelry now as well) and a Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt chocolate bar. 🙂 She’s having surgery on Wednesday and I wanted to give something to her since I can’t be there right away. I am so nervous and just hope everything will go well.

I also wanted to share my crazy rabbit doing her morning exercises.

And, well.. this. 😛

And my little pig, already 7 years old. She’s been through a lot but she’s so strong. The vet told me a few years ago I should let her go because she had a tumor that was so big she wouldn’t survive surgery…. guess what, she did! A few months later there was another tumor, and she survived that surgery as well. This was 2012, and she is still here. I’m so glad I decided to be stubborn and try it anyway. 😉

What have you been up to the past couple of weeks?


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