It’s my Birthday!

Today, 28 years ago, at 9:26 in de morning, I was born. 🙂
I don’t have a lot to say yet. My mom is coming tonight, my dad tomorrow. I bought a lemon cheesecake, even though I wanted to bake a cake myself first. Who am I kidding? I have enough to do and I don’t want to stress, so I bought cake. It looks amazing. I am just not sure if I’ll like it so I bought a wedge of chocolate/brownie cake with red fruit for myself and an apple crumble one for my boyfriend. I know he loves it, so why not, it’s my birthday after all. 😉

I know what I am getting, I think. 😛 My dad’s gift hasn’t arrived at his house yet though so he asked if I wanted something else because he didn’t want to come empty handed. Two days ago my Leifheit Pico Spray Mop broke and although I ordered a new one right away something went wrong and they kept putting off the delivery so I canceled my order. I am getting a simple mop today but I realllly wanted a new pico spray, so now my dad got it for me as an extra birthday gift, yay! Lol, who would’ve thought getting a new mop for my birthday could make me happy.
So tomorrow I have two, I think I will just use one for the bathroom. I could’ve cancelled my order but I really want to clean the house before my mom and dad come to visit.
Oh well, it was just bad timing anyway, why break right before my birthday?! And why did something have to do wrong with my order that should’ve been delivered the day after I ordered? I guess it was meant to be or something, lol.

My boyfriend didn’t get me anything, yet. Well, I ordered ‘Secret Garden’ postcards by Johanna Basford. He will pay though, lol. I wanted to book but it was sold out. I still want Faber Castell polychromos but the price went up from €67 tot €130 for the set I wanted, which is insane, so I will have to ask my boyfriend first how much money he wants to spend on my gift. They’ve been on my wishlist for a while but only recently the price went up, ofcourse. 😦
Oh well, I will get them one way or another. I might even switch to water colour pencils, or both… lol no, that would be too much I guess. 😉

I am planning on making puff pastry cinnamon rolls and puff pastry Italian snacks for tonight and tomorrow. In the end I probably have way too much food with all the snacks I bought but isn’t that always the case? I know I didn’t want to bake a cake because I didn’t want to stress but puff pastry is easy and fast, it keeps me busy but I won’t use up all my spoons at the same time, so it’s ok. 🙂 I already cleaned a lot the past couple of weeks so today will be easy as well. I am kinda proud of myself for planning this thing so well. Too bad the mop thing caused some stress but you can’t really prevent things like that.

How do you avoid stress on your birthday?


6 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!

    1. Dankje! Het was erg gezellig, 2 dagen lang, hihi. Wel vermoeiend maar dat mag ook wel een keer. Vandaag krijg ik m’n laatste verjaardagscadeautje binnen dus ik voel me nog steeds een beetje jarig. 🙂


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