About Us

Born on the 25th of September 1987, went to school until I was 17. That’s when I got mono, which isn’t a big deal normally, I just never got better.
Had to give up my dream of becoming a photographer, traveling the world and working at an animal shelter. Now I just take pictures of my 3 cats, which is nice, but not really what I had in mind. 😉

I’ve never written a blog before but I’m going to try and here is how it happened:
My friend Amber was talking about blogs then her blog and how much she missed it. I thought it was pretty neat she had a blog.
Then she started talking about starting up another one and I thought what a great idea!
When she suggested I write on her blog I jumped right in. I do that a lot, I jump in head first giving no thought. So that’s how I ended up writing on a blog when I’ve never done this before and have no idea how. Wish me luck!

So now I dive in. I am from Australia around 25 and my best friend lives in The Netherlands. She is a fellow spoonie and understands what it’s like to be me even when we are not dealing with the exact same things. The one and only man in my life is my beloved dog who is also a best friend and together we’ve weathered both my physical and mental illness journey


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