What have I been up to?

I know it’s been quiet but I guess that’s what can happen when you’re ill and you have a blog. Especially since May is back in the hospital now. I’m not sure how/what is going on, I just know she’s not doing well.
I am not doing great either. I have TMJ problems because no matter how fun colouring is, I tend to clench my jaw when I am concentrating.. soo in the end I feel worse and not relaxed at all. 😛
I did finish another one though, now I’m taking a break, to make sure my jaw pain is gone completely because it’s exhausting.

I was at my moms like I told you, for her birthday and since my stepmom’s birthday was 4 days later I visited her as well. I also when to thrift stores to try and find some clothes for the wedding and some jeans because I don’t fit in mine anymore. I failed though and had to go to a normal store for jeans. I bought 2 jeans, exactly the same but it was a 2 for €40,- sale and I figured I could dye one of them. I haven’t yet though, I first need to decide what colour I want to use. 🙂
I wish I could’ve chosen another pair but all of them where skinny jeans, and I don’t know if it’s me, but no matter what, I can’t get them past my knees. I have to get 3 sizes bigger than my actual size and ofcourse then the upper part of the jeans won’t fit. I’m so glad that skinny jeans hype is gone now and the big hippie pants are fashionable now, lol!
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I feel like a kid again – adult colouring

When I was young I was always painting and colouring and I missed that.
You can imagine I was very happy to find out that they made colouring books for adults!
Although it took me a while to get one, they aren’t very cheap, I am glad I finally did buy one.
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Being a vegetarian must be the reason why I’m so tired

I’m sure a lot of people with a chronic illness have experienced this; people trying to play your doctor.

I’m sure they mean well but it’s frustrating. Not just for you, having to explain that you tried all of that and/or that’s not the reason or it doesn’t work, but it can result in them thinking you are just making up excuses.

For me being a vegetarian for 8 years is obviously the reason I’m so tired and can’t work, right? 
They tell me that I probably don’t eat enough protein and I have anemia. Did I check that? It MUST be the reason.

  1. I was ill before I became a vegetarian.
  2. My blood is just fine, thank you.

So, ‘doctor’, anything else?
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Paper, folding and origami globes.

I really like origami. There is something about the sequence of folds that has a undeniable logic and flow. I love the feel of a fresh packet of crisp paper just waiting to be folded and the satisfaction of creating a firm crease in the paper you know will create something beautiful.

I started out with paper cranes for a family member. I was determined to fold 1,000 but I think I actually got to 600 and then they got better which was a relief. I was starting to dream the folding sequence for a paper crane, I still know it by memory today. Continue reading

I love sleep tag

I think this tag is amazing especially for spoonies. 🙂

1. What time do you go to bed?
I want to go to bed between 10 and 11, but since I won’t be able to sleep until 1 due to noisy neighbours I don’t bother anymore. It’s kinda frustrating. Trying to work on a solution but sadly it’s not something that will change overnight.

2. What’s your routine before sleeping?
I feed all my pets, brush my teeth, clean my face, try to take a shower as well, go to the bedroom, get dressed for bed, moisturize, use some pillow spray (I don’t know if it works but it smells nice), and then depending on how tired I am and my neighbours, I go to sleep or watch a movie until I feel I can sleep. They say watching tv isn’t good for you but I don’t think lying in bed listening to your neighbours is very healthy either, lol.

3. What do you do when you can’t sleep?
Netflix, before I found something to watch I am usually tired (again).

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This weekend is my mom’s birtday. Next week is my stepmom’s birthday so I will be visiting her as well in the next few days. I have a lot to do and it will cost me all my spoons for the next 5/6 days, so I won’t be online to read or comment on any blogs.

I do have a couple of posts scheduled but not every day since it was too much to handle on my own now May has been gone for almost a week. She has some personal stuff going on, don’t worry.

You can leave her a nice message if you want. 🙂

I might install wordpress on my phone and read some blogs but I hate typing on my phone so I can’t promise any comments. 😉

Have a good weekend and save spoons!