Hairy cats, stained carpets and a bedroom makeover.

Ok let’s just start at the beginning.

When my boyfriend and I bought our appartment we thought it would be a great idea to get carpet for the bedroom. It’s warm it’s soft. True. But the idea isn’t that great when you have a cat let alone 3 of them!


Over the years accidents happen. Especially one cat, Enzo. He is the ‘loner’ of the bunch and likes to sleep in the bedroom all day long. If he’s not allowed to go there he will try to open cupboards and all to hide. I don’t know, he’s a little bit weird I guess.

He had a couple of accidents in the bedroom a couple of years ago, he peed in a corner and a few weeks later again. Still not sure why, it never happened again.
That wasn’t the biggest problem though. He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat, which means he is hairy.

Hairs everywhere, literally, I would wake up with hair in my mouth. Not so nice.
He has a very sensitive digestive track so when he ingests a lot of hair it might happen that he has a bad few weeks trying to get rid of all the hair by puking a lot. This isn’t a big deal normally, but when it’s on your bed or on the carpet, especially UNDER the bed where you can’t possibly clean it the way you should, it starts to smell. The point where I decided to get a new floor a.s.a.p. was last week when he woke up puking (I don’t know it was very weird) after eating a can of tuna. Tuna smells. So I ended up with a bedroom that smelled like tuna 24/7 and I was just sick of it, literally.

I asked my dad to check the stores for leftover vinyl and we found a very pretty floor that way that was exactly big enough for our bedroom! It’s not that big so it’s pretty cheap when you can find a leftover floor somewhere.

This is before and after. I forgot to take a picture before I got rid of most of the bed, the carpet is so dirty it’s insane. The big white spot in the front is where the tuna landed. It’s this white powdery carpet cleaner, but it failed. 😦

It smells so nice in there right now and it looks so good. Don’t you just love the rug?
It’s the beginning of a big change in the bedroom. I had a tv in there that I never used and it took up so much space, I want more storage space and  some nice things on the walls, maybe even paint it a different colour. We’ll see.
At least I have a new floor and I am so happy with it. It will be so much easier to clean and I wonder what it will do to my health since I am allergic to house dust mites. The carpet wasn’t helping.

It was a very busy day. I am tired, but in a good way. My day didn’t start very well but it got a bit better in the afternoon. In the end I am happy and that’s what matters most. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hairy cats, stained carpets and a bedroom makeover.

    1. Ja, dat is Enzo. Mooierd is het hè? 🙂
      En inderdaad. M’n vriend vindt vinyl helemaal niks. Hij vindt het er goedkoop uit zien, maar als ik het vergelijk met de vloerbedekking vol vlekken vind ik dat er goedkoper uitzien dan een mooie vinylvloer! Het liefst zou ik gewoon overal laminaat leggen maar ja, dat is een stuk minder makkelijk te leggen en het kost meer geld.


  1. Enzo, what a great name for a cat. Sounds like a very good idea to change the floor from carpet to vinyl, you don’t want your house smelling like tuna cat vomit or pee. The new room looks stunning!

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